Dave Armstrong



Redneck Rising

One stormy day, a tornado ripped through Chet Mockingbird's trailer court and pulled his buried mason jars of gold coins up into the sky. Being adventurous, and a little drunk, Chet tied party balloons to the back of his lawn chair and took off to retrieve his retirement fund. 

This is an iPhone game a team of creatives, including myself, began building. as a proof of concept. The idea was to create a game where you controlled a character, flying through a storm, collecting gold and power-ups while dodging debris and cows. None of us had ever built a game like this before and we tried to infuse it with as much of our creativity and humor as possible.


These are some early concepts of the main character. "Redneck," it turns out, is a pretty general term, so there was a lot of experimenting before we landed on a final design. The key was finding a balance between humorous, sleazy, and just a little bit cute. The finalized version of Chet was designed by James Dean Haskins.